All About Him

My name is  Khristia which means “Follower of Christ.” I was born on Christmas day and currently an eighth-grade student. I’m a sinner but by God’s amazing grace, I’m saved.

Just last year, I became an addict reader. Thanks to The Hunger Games trilogy, I learned to love books and developed a passion to write stories. Last year, I wrote a short story about a teenage girl who endured the blaze of life’s fires with the help of a bestfriend who only existed in her dreams and her encounter with her Saviour.

God gifted me love and passion for the arts e.g. drawing, sketching (specially shading), painting, and almost anything related to its different forms. I’m also very fond of photography and I hope that it would become my job-but-not-a-job-but-a-pleasure-slash-hobby-job type of job when am older.

I have a very deep passion for music too. There’s not a day that I don’t listen to music. It’s essentially part of my life. I have this ability to memorize songs by listening to them at least 10 times. If lessons in school are all like songs, then, I might probably ace all tests. (Of course, I’m exaggerating but that’s just how much I love music!) This passion also led me to composing my own songs. I might post some here someday. :)

Since I have so much love for music, I wanted to sing but God decided to give me a singing voice fit for comfort rooms only. So instead, I learned to play the violin, piano, recorder, ukelele and the guitar. Hopefully someday I would be able to master these instruments.

All of these talents are from God and I just hope I would be able to harness and maximize their use for His glory and somehow to show that it’s never really about me or us. But it’s all for Him and all about HIM.


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